Michael Koeditz



My current role encompasses 2 key parts:

1st Part

A complex and comprehensive pitch presentation to bring the future project to life to our audience (decision makers of global hospitality companies, hotel managers, operators or investors), demonstrate the guest experience and features with all relevant touch points, show why this will be a sustainable brand that offers a commercial value and ROI for the investor/operator.


A. Research & Analysis

  • Research project location: history, culture, economy, produce, geography, rituals, trade, tourism

  • Define target audience: behavioural patterns, market & demand drivers, local & global trends

  • Analyse commercial landscape of the location: competitive concepts & their features

B. Strategy & Concept

  • Develop a compelling f&b concept including brand narrative using visual und textual story telling

  • Define key experiential features, service rituals, develop a basic set of colours and textures

  • Define a set of brand DNA parameters, key brand attributes and positioning statement

2nd Part

Visual brand design In parallel to the interior design and construction process:

C. Branding & Communication

  • Design a fully featured visual identity (logo, stationery, menus, uniforms etc.) including complete brand manuals if required

  • Develop wayfinding systems and spatial branding for the location

  • Suggest a communication strategy (online and offline)

A list of projects and operators I have been working on can be found here.


For the first 15 years of my career I was doing my best to follow John Hegarty’s mantra “Good advertising is always good entertainment”. I developed campaigns for local and global brands in most relevant business categories (FMCG, automotive, lifestyle, non-profit, cosmetics), winning more than 30 creative awards for leading national and international agencies in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and Dubai.

In my last job as creative director and head of the creative department, I was responsible for the creative output of the local branch of a global ad agency, including client presentations as well as team & project management. A detailed overview over my ad career including employers, clients and awards can be found here.

Advertising taught me a lot: conceptual and lateral thinking, holistic brand building, sparking and evaluating creative ideas, working crazy hours under extreme pressure, motivating and promoting people, leading teams, living on a coffee diet and taking my job serious but not myself.